Isabel Marina

Since I was a child, and thanks to my father, I’ve always been su- rrounded by art and decor. He was dedicated to design and manu- facture of High-End luxury furniture.

I studied Industrial Design and my thesis was about the rescue of traditional styles and techniques for design and development of furniture of the current era. In 1998 I began my career in Alfonso Marina, working hand in hand with my father in the design depart- ment. In 2009 I took charge of the New Product Development area and I have been leading the design of the brand lines since then.

In 2014 I began painting, with the knowledge of techniques and styles I learned in books, school and in the Alfonso Marina factory. I like to study art history, and my hobbies include going to museums and auctions to help enrich my skills as an artist.

I began exhibiting my work in High Point, North Carolina, as part of the decoration in the new releases of Alfonso Marina’s Collections, with such success, they were soon sold around the world.

In Mexico, my work is exhibited and can be purchased in Alfonso Marina’s Showroom in Bosques de las Lomas.
The style of my work is contemporary and abstract. I like to expe- riment with different techniques, using acrylic paints, textures, oil, gold or silver leaf, patinas, coals, etc